​We invite you to:

  1. Plan a small private screening.  We are hoping that you will present NOW IS THE TIME: Healthcare for Everybody to relatives, friends or colleagues in your home or office.
  2. Plan a larger public event at a community center, library, place of worship, or theater.  It is a good idea to find an organization to partner with for this event.
  3. Ask people who attend your screening(s) to add their name to the Sign-up sheet, and scan or photograph it and send it to us so we can send them our newsletter.  
  4. At your screening, ask the audience if they know other individuals or or are part of groups who they think would want to see the movie.   
  5. Participate in NOW IS THE TIME CAMPAIGN conference calls to share your experiences with showing the movie, and to report on screenings and attendance.​ 
  6. Complete our Survey which will be sent out in our newsletter at the end of each month.​​  SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter.

Thanks for being a part of the movement for single payer healthcare. Together we can make it so!

We would like to keep track of how many people have seen the movie (either feature or condensed version), and the region where they live (zip code).  This idea includes counting the number of screenings, the number of people who attend the screenings, as well as how many people have watched the movie online or bought a DVD.  Our goal is to increase the reach of the message exponentially, and at the same time to measure how the reach of the movie is expanding throughout the country.

By the end of 2016, according to our calculations of people who have attended screenings or watched the movie online, NOW IS THE TIME has already been viewed by 755 people. We are on our way!

NOW IS THE TIME: Our Campaign


​Sunday, January 22nd

8:00 pm Eastern time.

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NOW IS THE TIME: Healthcare for Everybody is a documentary film that demonstrates the power of the people to make a difference even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Our NOW IS THE TIME Campaign is intended to increase public awareness of the issues that prevent health care access for all people in the United States and what we can do about it.

It is our hope that people who watch NOW IS THE TIME: Healthcare for Everybody will be inspired to participate in the larger movement that is already growing throughout the country: the movement to look after each other and our planet. This Campaign is how you can help.