​​Thank you for this wonderful gift to the movement! Wow. So many important features, so creative and personal! The viewer feels very much a part of the action.  Overall, the film conveys the message that this IS a growing movement, that it’s been going on for a long time, like other successful movements, and that now IS the time to join it.  

Ellen K., Corte Madera,  California

Thank you both for the DVD of Now is the Time and the incredible passion, time and work you and your team have committed to its realization.  My wife told me that for the first time she understood "single payer".

Robert V., Los Angeles, California

[This] powerful movie shows core problems with the US healthcare "system" and the obstacles to change. Interviews with key players and archival video from Senate ACA hearings and Vermont single-payer efforts are gripping, the graphics are helpful, and the filmmakers' first person healthcare disaster stories ground the film in 2016 realities.
Bill C., Brunswick, Maine

This film was AMAZING and POWERFUL. 
A must-watch for anyone and everyone who deserves the dignity of healthcare as a human right and not as a commodity. 

Robert R. Westchester, NY

Now I get it- costs skyrocket because our system is profit-driven, so mega-merging institutions (like Mass General Hospital) raise prices, big Pharma is unrestrained, and insurance companies keep profits up through government collusion with network-narrowing, lemon-dropping and cherry-picking!
Viewer, Brunswick, Maine​

We appreciate hearing your comments about NOW IS THE TIME: Healthcare For Everybody!

This documentary helps put into perspective why we in this country so desperately need a single payer healthcare system now.  I also highly recommend their first movie, The Healthcare Movie.
Jan M., Portland, Oregon

It underscored the disgraceful posture and behavior of... the Democrats surrounding the enactment of the ACA, a law that leaves many uninsured or grossly underinsured, nicely demonstrating the moral bankruptcy at the law's core inasmuch as the law was largely shaped by the health insurance industry, which continues to game the system to avoid paying for needed care.
Viewer, Brunswick, Maine

Thank you for this work to get the essential Health Care is a Human Right message out…In my view the Vermont Workers Center ran an amazing campaign and the public was informed and well supported Universal Health Care - appropriately leveraging pressure on politicians to find financial backing for the Universal Health Care bill that had already been passed. But, at the very last minute, with no public input, Shumlin reversed himself and refused to back Single Payer. In my view, this is a typical manifestation of political leadership cowardice and the impact of the Deep State…By portraying Friedman comments implying this was caused by an ineffective education campaign is a disservice to the Vermont public, is a divisive disservice to activists, divides the national movement into state competitive pride, and mostly gives cover to the cowardice of our puppet politicians. And this is unfortunate.

J.F., Oakland, California