You may know of a non-profit or faith-based organization, college or university, or health care advocacy group that would like to make NOW IS THE TIME available to their members and/or the public through a public screening.  



NOW IS THE TIME Screening Kits are now available! 

Each kit includes:
   > A download of the feature length film (71 minutes) 
   > A download of the condensed version (35 minutes)  
   > A license for public screenings
   > Instructions for your screening
   > A sign-in sheet (for viewers who want to stay in touch)
   > An article entitled How to Fill a Room
   > An interactive digital poster (pdf - type in information about your screening)
   > A print poster (pdf - write in information about your screening)
   > A study guide
   > Information brochure about Single Payer:  Improved Medicare for All 

Please support filmmakers efforts by paying the full screening fee of $150 if you can afford it. Or pay a smaller amount ($50 minimum), and pass the hat at your screening.  Then you can visit to offer additional support.

NOTE:   DVD versions of the Feature and Condensed movies are included when you pay $75.00 or more for the screening kit price and they will be mailed to you upon yourrequest.  Please email to provide your name and mailing address after you order your Screening Kit.

The sustainability of independent filmmaking relies on people paying to watch the films they see. We have had tremendous support from our crowd funders, but we do not have the resources of a broadcast commission or a large production company behind us. The income from the film is what makes it possible for us to produce it and make it widely available.

Want to help support screenings in other communities?  Make a donation here:

Help with accessing screening kit materialsIf you have ordered your screening kit and would like instructions for how to access the movie downloads and additional materials, click HERE.

Community screenings are an excellent way to spread awareness and encourage dialogue about the important subject of healthcare which affects each of us and our families in a very personal way.