Select a date, time and location for your screening.  It could be in your home, at your office during lunch time or off hours, in the home of a friend or family member, or perhaps at your club or place of worship.

Try out your equipment for playing the DVD ahead of time.  You will need a DVD player, a TV screen or projector, and a speaker system (sometimes speakers are a part of the TV, and other times you will need separate speakers.)   While it is possible to play the DVD off your laptop computer to show it to a couple of friends, there can be problems with getting the volume to be loud enough for all to hear when there are more people.

Here are some ideas for getting a good turnout at your screening:

Create a “value added” event by including food!  Host a potluck dinner, or order pizza or have a dessert party. Asking people to bring something can make them feel more involved.

When thinking of who to invite, start by making a “map” of all the aspects of your life where you encounter people (at the gym, at work, at your writing class, at your kids’ school, etc.) At first, don’t censor anyone out because you think they would not be interested.  Just write down the name of the group and then list the individuals that you know in that group. Now you’re off to a good start!

Begin inviting people to come.  Personal invitations by phone, by email, and in person are the most successful (when compared to putting up posters or creating an electronic invitation).

Once a guest says he or she plans on coming, call them the day before the event to reconfirm.  Statistically speaking, it is typical for about 75% of confirmed guests to actually show up, even after 100% have confirmed that they will be there!  Things come up!  So invite and confirm 25% more folks than you would like to have in attendance.

Provide the opportunity for people who attend your screening to take action after watching the film.  This could include buying a DVD for their own use, and hosting another screening themselves.  Or they could borrow your DVD, and invite you to come to their screening!

Have fun!


1. Select a larger venue (library, community center, place of worship) and open your event to the public.

2.  Partner (where possible) with another organization or organizations that have an interest in health care, and they can assist by promoting the event to their members.

3. Contact your local radio station or newspaper to request that they air or post a public service announcement or arrange an on-air interview with the filmmakers prior to the screening.

4.  Invite the filmmakers to attend your event in person (please let us know what you might be able to offer in terms of a travel stipend)
5. Have health care experts available to lead a discussion after the film

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